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6 Ways to Brighten Dark Eye Circles Without Fillers

Brighten Dark Eye Circles

In today’s selfie-era, people want to look like the photo-filtered version of themselves. There’s just one problem: real life isn’t edited. So when it comes to correcting flaws like under eye circles, we need to keep our expectations realistic. The under eyes aren’t meant to glow as if illuminated by light beams. On the upside, however, you can still achieve a beautiful improvement without resorting to invasive or pricy procedures like fillers. For some honest, down-to-earth advice, we collected tips from L.A.’s leading dermatologists for how to brighten under eye circles.

First let’s start by addressing the hot topic on everyone’s mind: under eye fillers. With the rising popularity of non-surgical treatments, people are rushing toward injections. But the burning question is do fillers work for under eye circles?

Under Eye Fillers vs. Traditional Skin Care   

Some say that dermal fillers are a game-changer. While the results can be effective, they also carry aesthetic risks. According to Beverly Hills-based Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa, “Fillers under the eyes can cause chronic fluid retention and unevenness due to poor placement or product selection.”

Another issue is that the results won’t always look natural. Despite looking great in photos or bright light, any slight imperfections or tiny bulges of filler can easily be seen up-close and personal. Unfortunately, trying to correct these problems can complicate matters even further.

As expectations for perfection grow higher, people get seduced by these non surgical beauty trends. That’s why now more than ever, we need to be informed about what is safe and practical over the long-term. For curing dark under eye circles, an area of the face that’s so delicate, the treatment should be both affordable and attainable, focusing on high-quality skin care ingredients-- not masking the problem with hyaluronic acid fillers.

To brighten under eye circles safely but effectively, let’s look at some tried-and-true methods.

6 Ways to Brighten Under Eye Circles   

1. Use under eye patches   

Use Under Eye Patches

Celebs love under eye patches. Have you seen the selfies?

This high-powered brightening treatment infuses the under eyes with moisture, vitamins and collagen for a toning and lifting effect. The process is simple: just place the patch around the eye area and leave it on for 15 minutes, allowing the ingredients to penetrate the skin. Then viola! Your eyes will look radiant, refreshed and awake.

There are countless under eye patches on the market. Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Thiago Freire is a firm believer in a unique version made with Bioplacenta, a protein-rich extract known for its incredible healing powers to repair skin damage, loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation and deep lines and wrinkles.

EMK features an Eye Patch Treatment made with Bioplacenta®. Clinical testing proves that just one treatment increases hydration up to 169%, making eyes appear younger-looking, rested and awake.

2. Protect your eyes from sunlight

Photo by HARSH KUSHWAHA from Pexels

Guilty of exposing your face to sunlight? If so, you’re speeding up the signs of under-eye aging and dark circles.

Since the skin in this area is extremely thin and has very few oil glands, it’s more sensitive and lacks moisture, explains Medical News Today. What’s more, the eye contour area moves constantly due to blinking, smiling, and squinting. These factors, combined with stress and sun exposure, lead to aging lines and wrinkles.

“One of the easiest things you can do to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles is to invest in sunglasses,” says celebrity dermatologist Dr.Harold Lancer who treats Victoria Beckham. He also recommends the GlowIn Tinted Cream to improve dark under eyes. It’s made with Ginseng to wake up tired eyes, while depositing moisture and a natural, sun-kissed tint for a subtle glow.

3. Sleep like a queen (or try at least…)   

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Missing too many ZZZ’s will take its beauty toll. When you don’t get enough sleep, you interfere with your body’s circulation, resulting in dull, pale skin.

This condition exposes your dark circles even more noticeably because of how the blood vessels expand under your eyes when tired. Aging makes this problem worse due to loss of skin volume, explains Dr.Lancer. “The thinning of skin makes blood vessels more obvious,” he says.

So in the future, when you see any girl who posts a beautiful, bright-eyed selfie with the hashtags, “woke up like this” and “no filter”, know that she definitely got her 8 hours of sleep.

4. Stay hydrated

Photo by Stephan Müller from Pexels

Drinking water makes your skin brighter and tighter. But if your coffee addiction wins over your H2O intake, the skin around your eyes will deflate from dehydration.

We need 8 glasses per day, says Healthline. This dose will properly nourish your skin’s collagen (the structural building blocks in your connective tissue). By protecting this delicate area, your under eyes will appear plumper and more radiant.

5. Boost circulation   

Boost Circulation

Pump the color back in your skin by activating your blood flow. Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer says to apply “antioxidants, or something called coffee berry caffeine or green tea.” These natural ingredients stimulate the circulation under your eyes, which help relieve puffiness and pigmentation.

Dr. Emer is a fan of the EMK Eye Gel treatment to brighten dark under eyes.Made with Bioplacenta, Sea Kelp and Green Tea, this formula helps improve radiance while protecting skin from environmental toxins.

6. Repair and restore

Repair and Restore

When stress or dehydration isn’t your problem, the issue usually comes down to one factor: genetics. Some people are born with an extra thin layer of skin under their eyes — it’s hereditary.

This condition means there’s less cushioning to hide the blood vessels, making the bluish darkness more visible under your eyes. “It is a combination of blood supply that you can see through the skin, and pigmentation that is being created by it,” explains Dr. Emer. You can improve its appearance with the Radical Eye Cream, which uses Bioplacenta, Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Peptides to significantly reduce the appearance of under eye darkness and puffiness.

No matter what, remember that we should stay practical about our beauty goals. As humans, we’re naturally meant to have subtle blue tones under our eyes— and that’s okay! And while we can always tell you, “no alcohol, sugar, gluten or late nights”, you also have to live. If you “burn the candle at both ends”, as Dorothy Parker once said, your looks will fade faster, but at least you can enjoy its lovely light. So in other words, keep your candle burning— just use a good eye cream while you’re at it!

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