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Beverly Hills Face Without the botox

Although each version presents their own set of pros and cons, the deciding factor comes down to the combined effects of the other ingredients— not just vitamin C alone.

Comparison Review of C E FERULIC® by SkinCeuticals & EMK Rescue Serum

In today’s tech-advanced beauty scene, skincare education is more extensive than ever. So naturally, we’ve become a lot wiser and fussier about choosing products, especially pricey ones like vitamin C serums. Fortunately, this time, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve collected stats and studies to create an in-depth comparison of two leading vitamin C serums: The C E FERULIC® by SkinCeuticals & Rescue Serum by EMK Beverly Hills.

Meet the brands: SkinCeuticals & EMK Beverly Hills

Before diving into the product details, let’s get familiar with these two respected brands. SkinCeuticals and EMK Beverly Hills both focus on advanced, clinical formulas made in the USA. These brands feature products trusted by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medi-spas to compliment aesthetic treatments.

But while these rival companies are equally known for their vitamin C serums, one question remains: does reputation match results?

What is vitamin c serum?

Think of vitamin C as a youth preserve and a serum as a deeper skin treatment than standard creams. So a vitamin C serum delivers antioxidants to your skin, protecting the cells from its opponent, free radicals (AKA aging accelerators). Basically, these enemy molecules (antioxidants and free radicals) play Tug-O-War with your aging process.

Whereas free radicals cause cellular decay and aging, antioxidants repair and protect your cells. As board-certified dermatologist Pumori Saokar explains, “[Vitamin C] finds increasing use in photoageing, hyperpigmentation, tissue inflammation and healing,” which helps keep your complexion young, plump and glowing. That’s why vitamin C is a popular ingredient in skin serum. It’s formulated to help the antioxidants penetrate the skin more deeply into the skin.

Comparison 1: Main ingredient, Vitamin C

Both the C E FERULIC® Serum and the EMK Rescue Serum contain vitamin C as the star ingredient. But here’s some news: not all vitamin C is the same. This molecule can come in all different formulations, some of better quality than others.

Think about it this way: Just as sugar comes from different sources, like Agave or Maple syrup, vitamin C can also have a variety of origins, each with its own unique benefits. Let’s see which serum wins in this category.

EMK Rescue serum

The EMK Rescue Serum is made with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Translation? It’s a form of vitamin C that’s "lighter and less intense, though still beneficial, “ explains Mona Gohara, M.D., associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.

Since it’s less potent, it's less likely to cause irritation. In turn, sodium ascorbyl phosphate is considered quite safe, especially for sensitive skin. It’s also one of the more stable forms of vitamin C — meaning it doesn’t degrade as fast due to light, oxygen or water.


The C E FERULIC® Serum is made with Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), a less stable and inexpensive version of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, the version used in the EMK Rescue Serum.

Ascorbic acid can chemically degrade in the presence of light, air and oxygen. That’s why ascorbic acid must be used in higher concentrations to work in product formulas. But the downside is that these higher concentrations can irritate the skin. On a high note, however, ascorbic acid is the bioactive form of the vitamin C— in other words, it's the type your skin directly uses.

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, on the other hand, converts into ascorbic acid once it’s absorbed by the skin. This chemical change makes its effects more subtle.


The ascorbic acid in the C E FERULIC® Serum and the sodium ascorbyl phosphate in the Rescue Serum are comparable.

Both offer the following anti-aging benefits: improved fine lines, a boost in skin firmness and a brighter complexion. Although each version presents their own set of pros and cons, the deciding factor comes down to the combined effects of the other ingredients— not just vitamin C alone. It’s a tie.

Vitamin C

It’s also one of the more stable forms of vitamin C — meaning it doesn’t degrade as fast due to light, oxygen or water.

Synercell Delivery System

Although the C E FERULIC® Serum is gaining major acclaim and is used in medi-spas worldwide, it doesn’t have the same Hollywood approval and proven results as the EMK Rescue Serum.

Comparison 2: Supporting ingredients

Vitamin C serums are more effective when mixed as a cocktail of ingredients than when served “straight up”. Basically, this molecule can’t work solo.

After all, there’s a reason we wouldn’t place citrus slices on our face — it would burn and its antioxidant chemistry wouldn’t spark. The reason has to do with something called synergy. In science lingo, we’re referring to the way ingredients become more powerful when combined as opposed to their individual effects.

So which vitamin C serum has better synergy?

EMK Rescue Serum

The EMK Rescue Serum is based on an innovative technology called SYNERCELL ®. The Synercell delivery system causes active ingredients to target the exact skin layer where they can work best.

Co-starring ingredient: Bioplacenta

As the driving ingredient, it features Agave Bioplacenta®, a nutrient-dense protein extracted from the Agave plant. It was discovered in 1970 by Dr. Emilia Karsh while trying to heal a friend’s major facial burns. This groundbreaking natural skin savior offers regenerative effects that are even more powerful than human placenta.


Bioplacenta is loaded with nutrients that treat the deeper layers of the skin’s hypodermis (where damage begins). Its delivery system coordinates perfectly with the timing and absorption of vitamin C, creating the ideal conditions to delay signs of aging over time.

By training your unsurfaced cells to support your skin’s firmness and glow, you’re promoting good genetics on a micro level. While you can’t change your genetic material, you can “turn down” bad genes, like skin laxity and large pores, and “turn up” good genes, like collagen production and skin tightness. This advanced skincare technology is called epigenetics, the basis of EMK Rescue Serum.


C E FERULIC® Serum also takes advantage of ingredient synergy but with its own recipe. As a quasi-newcomer in the skincare world, its unique formula has been rising in popularity, but how does it compare to the Rescue Serum?

Co-starring ingredients: Ferulic acid + vitamin E

C E FERULIC® serum combines two powerful antioxidants: ferulic acid, an extract found in the cell walls of plants and fruits, and vitamin E, a chemical compound that aids in cell repair.

In the right quantities, these ingredients boost the anti-aging effects of vitamin C. “A combination of 0.5% ferulic acid (a potent antioxidant of plant origin) with 15% Vitamin C and 1 % Vitamin E can increase the efficacy of Vitamin C,” reports Dr. Pumori Telang, Consultant Dermatologist, Joshi Hospital Maharashtra Medical Foundation.


Using a synergistic antioxidant formula, C E FERULIC® Serum protects against various causes of aging. According to SkinCeuticals, it’s “clinically proven to reduce combined oxidative damage from free radicals generated by UV, Ozone, and Diesel Exhaust by up to 41%.” Once absorbed, this vitamin C serum remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours.

Other protective benefits include photodamage defense, improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and an increase in skin firmness and brightness.


While the combo of vitamin C, E and ferulic acid appears effective, there remains a drawback. Due to the nature of ascorbic acid, its potency will degrade, even with the team-boosting efforts of vitamin E and ferulic acid. This fading effect depends on the usage and storage conditions.


After comparing the synergistic effects of C E ferulic and bioplacenta + vitamin C, the win for this category is definitely EMK Rescue Serum. Its formula started development in the 1970s and has gone through decades of research and improvement, whereas C E FERULIC® is much newer, having only been proven effective in 2008.

Next reason: The EMK Rescue Serum has stronger support among high-profile leaders in the dermatology community like Plastic Surgeon and owner of Lasercare Skin Clinic, Dr. Bruce M. Sanderson, and renowned L.A. Dermatologist Dr.Jason Emer. Yet even more impressively, it’s loved by A-listers like Eva Longoria, Madonna and Simon Cowell.

Although the C E FERULIC® Serum is gaining major acclaim and is used in medi-spas worldwide, it doesn’t have the same Hollywood approval and proven results as the EMK Rescue Serum.

Comparison 3: Price

Price is often the deciding factor when choosing between two excellent products. Let’s see how these vitamin C serums compete.

C E FERULIC® vs EMK Rescue Serum

The retail price of EMK Rescue Serum is slightly more expensive due to the quality of ingredients. Not only does it contain a premium type of vitamin C that’s more stable, it features other green botanicals like Kelp, Shiitake Mushroom and Tea Tree.

The C E FERULIC® serum, on the other hand, is formulated with all chemical-based antioxidants which are less expensive to produce.


Quality is always worth the splurge. For the extra $20 to enjoy the EMK Rescue Serum, it’s worth it.

Some might even argue that the C E FERULIC® Serum is overpriced because its formula is chemical-based and inexpensive to develop. Timeless Skincare even released their own version of SkinCeuticals’ C E FERULIC® Serum called the 20% VITAMIN C + E FERULIC ACID SERUM which retails for $25. This discrepancy leads many beauty gurus to question the $160 price tag of the version by SkinCeuticals.

For these reasons, we’re voting for the EMK Rescue Serum. It has no copycats because their star ingredient, Bioplacenta, is exclusive and can never be duped by other companies.

What are your thoughts?

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