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Last week I invited Sasha, an EMK lover and a good friend of mine, for a catch up and some healthy brunch. Sasha manages a nursing team at the hospital and her daily routine involves spending time at the epidemiology department’s lab. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, I was eager to get her thoughts on how she manages to maintain a healthy skin under the surgical mask she has become accustomed to wearing for nearly 10 years!

As we were going over our avocado toast and kale salad, the discussion turned to the struggles of wearing masks for prolonged periods of time. Sasha pointed out to me some common skin issues resulting from wearing a mask, and her solutions for maintaining a healthy skin during this pandemic. I am excited to share them with you today!

Condensation and irritation are usual nuisances when wearing a surgical mask at work. Sasha believes these factors are responsible for chronic skin issues such as breakouts, blackheads and irritated cheeks, nose and lips. We illustrated the most common affected areas of her face as a result of wearing a mask daily.  

Here’s a look into Sasha’s survival routine against unwanted skin problems resulting from wearing a mask:

Irritated Cheeks

Cause: nose and upper cheeks get irritated form the mask rubbing those areas all day long.
Solution:  The EMK Rescue Serum™ is perfect for the task as it is widely used for post-laser skin recovery treatments at leading clinics such as Dr Jason Emer’s dermatology practice in West Hollywood.

“This product is the backbone of my survival routine” Sasha confesses. “The Rescue Serum is all natural and plant based so it is the only effective product out there to combat irritated skin without using harsh and unnatural OTC products. I just apply it on the irritated areas at night and the next day my skin glows and I am good to go on another day’s work.” 


Cause: Under mask, skin is unable to breath in a humid and hot enclosed space for hours, resulting in debris and oil build up leading to clogged pores and acne breakouts.
The key is to avoid color makeup and unnatural skincare products. You need some really lightweight yet nourishing skin care products. Not many products work well in hot and humid conditions, but EMK is having a wide success in tropical countries. Brazilian anti-aging Dr Thiago Freire reveals the benefit of wearing EMK in tropical weather in his travel papers. Back at home EMK is also a must have in any hot and humid state as testifies Maegan Griffin, Founder of Skin Pharm who recommends EMK for hot and humid Tennessee summers.

For Sasha, being breakout free under a mask comes down to 3 simple morning steps:
1. Cleanse with EMK Aurora Cleanser™
2. Tone with EMK Bloom Toner™
3. Moisturize and nourish with lightweight EMK Optima Face Cream™
“this has worked for me for years, I rarely get breakouts with this routine”. 


Cause: Constant increased heat under the mask induces perspiration while the trapped air coming out of your mouth tends to condensate and clog pores.

Although this issue has similar causes to the breakouts, blackheads must be prevented in a totally different way. Dr Emilia Karsh, founder of EMK insists that most skin problems come from having the wrong lifestyle and using wrong products. Over time skin becomes imbalanced and triggering a cascade of skin issues. Then it takes time to resolve these issues. Emilia Karsh has always been adamant about only using products that preserve the natural skin sebum, and she designed the EMK Aurora Cleanser™ for that purpose. After consulting with esthetician Jessica Chaijaya, the sebum is described to be the “blanket barrier against bacteria penetration to the follicle of the skin, causing inflammation or blackheads.”

- Use the EMK Aurora Cleanser™ to gently cleanse your skin morning and night without stripping the natural skin sebum 

Irritated Lips

Cause: the mask rubs against your lips. This issue is amplified on days when you talk more.
Solution: “this is an easy one”, says Sasha, “I just use Kiehl’s lip Balm #1 which protects well and is long lasting under the mask. That usually suffices to prevent lips irritations.” 

After the final bite to our delicious brunch, Sasha and I both agree on the good news; that we don’t necessarily have to make the choice of sacrificing health over beauty or vice versa. Let’s all encourage one another to take care of our skin, health and pay more attention to our hygiene. We’re all in this together folks!

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