Want gorgeous, fresh-looking, glowing skin? It’s no secret that how we live – especially what we eat – is reflected in our complexion. But what we put on our face is just as important. And natural, good-for-you beauty is booming.

Research shows that around 50 per cent of women now actively look for plant-powered, straight-from-nature ingredients. Think products packed with the profound power of unadulterated, nutrient-rich plants, herbs, fruits and seeds, and free from irritants and toxins. How do you spot the ingredient baddies? At a minimum, avoid formulations containing skin-stripping sodium laureth sulphate (SLS), phthalates, parabens and synthetic coloring, or check the Environmental Working Group ingredient glossary (ewg. org).

EMK founder Dr Emilia Karsh was a natural beauty pioneer long before it hit the mainstream. Her research in the 1970’s to help heal a friend’s major facial burns led her to powerhouse, skin-rejuvenating botanicals and EMK’s legendary, natural skin saviour, agave Bioplacenta. The bio-compatible agave plant cell is now at the heart of every product.

How does it work? This ingenious plant healer hydrates, soothes, softens, nourishes and carries skin-revitalizing actives into the deepest layer of the dermis. “The agave plant developed this incredible molecule to help it thrive in the harshest environments,” explains EMK Vice President, Jessica Chaijaya. “And it helps our skin do the same.”

As well as agave Bioplacenta, each formulation is packed with a blend of nutrient-dense botanical actives, free-radical-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Among the 150 plant extracts carefully sourced from all over the world hero ingredients include sea buckthorn, rosehip, chamomile, ginseng, hawthorn, sage, reishi mushroom, mango, cucumber, and rosemary.

“We’ve always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in healthy, natural skincare,” says, xxxxxxxxxx. “When we began there weren’t high-quality, plant-based products that delivered results. We were asked to make custom high-tech, natural formulas for the world’s top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons who needed the ultimate skin-rejuvenating, but gentle, plant-based products for A-list clients. We’ve done 30 years research into anti-aging and natural skin rejuvenation, and reformulate until we’re 100% happy. Our products are a long time in the making, but they’re tried-and-tested by the professionals and world class.

“Our ingredients are the key. We use high concentrations of plant extracts, many certified organic, with advanced peptide and epigenetic technology. And, our minimally processed formulations allow each plant’s natural healing properties to remain active. They’re phenomenal. They work in synergy to rebalance and perfect your complexion no matter what your skin type, age or ethnicity.”


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