EMK Journey in Skincare | The Invention of Bioplacenta

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1973 - 1975 The Early Years

        Beverly Hills is an international icon. Popular television shows from The Beverly Hillbillies to 90210 have treated the city as a member of their casts of characters. In the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts indulges in a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, the iconic street hosting many of the world’s most renowned luxury brands. The historic landmarks of the Virginia Robinson Gardens and the Beverly Hills hotel preserve the city’s heritage.

        This unique environment loaded with creativity, glamour and fame has long been a magnet for celebrities, royals and magnates of all kinds. Naturally, it became a center for beauty and esthetics. The city is home to some of the most avant-garde skin clinics and spas. From this natural breeding ground, a gem of a skincare company emerged in the 1970s, and is known today as EMK. 

from the dream of one woman to the beauty hope of millions

1973 - Emilia Karsh arrives in Beverly Hills

        EMK owes its amazing formulation technologies to determined Professor Emilia Karsh who, as a passionate scientist, devoted her career to helping improve the health and beauty of skin. 

Emilia Karsh, founder of EMK

        Emilia Karsh studied at the University of Moscow, receiving two degrees in Science and completing the respective PhD programs. Although Professor Karsh’s family was involved in politics, Ms. Karsh was always interested in health and longevity. Upon arriving in Beverly Hills, California in the 70s, she continued her studies in the areas of nutrition and molecular/cellular anti-aging from a scientific perspective. She was one of the early believers and promoters that results should be delivered by products active on the skin’s cellular structure. 

        The inspiration for creating EMK actually came from space research. In the 1970s, Emilia had closely followed the work being done by some dermatologists at a Russian space-research lab. The aerospace industry was responsible for many accidents causing severe skin burns. Not only cosmonauts were at great risk during their training and space missions, the personnel involved in engineering rockets and aircrafts were conducting risky experiments on a daily basis. Research & development but also manufacturing led to many accidents and the Russian space administration decided to finance research for treating deep burns. 

       The Russian dermatologists’ mission was to devise the most effective treatment for healing skin burns. They eventually obtained the best results from applying a pure mixture of human placenta onto their patients’ skin.

        As Professor Karsh was pressing her research towards incorporating the most effective ingredients into her formulations, she got inspired by the space-research lab’s work. She had noted that during pregnancy, placenta proteins nourish the fetus and allow a baby to grow healthy skin, hair, bones and organs. It therefore seemed logical to her that the placental biological compounds would have unparalleled benefits if they were directly applied onto the skin. 

        Professor Karsh saw the power of human placenta protein first hand when her friend Ludmila Ilich - a supermodel at the time - suffered severe facial injuries in a car accident. Ludmila’s doctors tried several different regimens, but the scars and discoloration were still very prominent.

“My doctors said I’d always have marks and discoloration because the tissue damage was so deep”, recalls Ludmila. Professor Karsh along with acclaimed dermatologists Professor Lubimov and Dr. Filtov then decided to apply pure human placenta protein to her burns. 

30 days after treatment by Professor  E. Karsh

        Within 30 days, her skin was totally renewed. It was the most powerful and dramatic post traumatic healing skin treatment ever observed by professor Karsh. Several clinical studies confirmed her assumptions and it became evident to her that no other ingredient in the world could ever match placenta for stimulating and regenerating skin cells.

        Inspired by these amazing results professor Karsh identified the opportunity of bringing this soothing and wonderful placenta miracle of healing to every man and woman around the world.  

Next part of the series: 1975 - 1992 The Invention of Bioplacenta

Madeline Vanderelst  

Madeline Vanderelst is a student at Polytechnic University where she studies Business Management. She is an EMK enthusiast and has gathered several years of data on EMK to write a concise story of the brand.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this series are the author's only. The data used in this series is the results of the author's own research. EMK hasn't reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of her statements.

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