How to Even Your Skin Tone Without Lasers

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How to Even Your Skin Tone Without Lasers

There’s a reason most people feel uneasy about facial lasers. It’s not exactly your basic lunch-hour facial. While the technician hovers this alien probe device around your face, it emits intense energy, which in some cases, can actually cause skin damage and burns. So when weighing the risk vs. reward, it’s understandable why many skin-conscious people forgo the new-age trends for more reliable, tried-and-true methods. If you’re someone who values safety and patience, here’s how to even your skin tone without lasers.

Skin resurfacing without lasers

Casting off signs of skin damage is a cellular process—one that we can speed up with exfoliation. By shedding away the superficial skin layers, which are aged, dull and dry, you can unveil a glowier and brighter complexion underneath. Lasers hijack this process to varying degrees depending on the intensity of your treatment

As the Mayo Clinic explains, “lasers destroy the outer layer of skin (epidermis). The laser heats the underlying skin (dermis), which stimulates collagen production over time, resulting in better skin tone and texture.” But no ordinary cream will have this impact. You need a heavy-duty resurfacing cream with exceptionally potent actives—powerful enough to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, triggering new collagen to transform your skin's firmness, clarity and radiance.

The art of natural skin resurfacing

When it comes to cosmetic mixology, the EMK research lab in Beverly Hills is considered the Mozart of creating skin resurfacing products. With the invention of SYNERCELL® (a trademark technology), scientists now have maximum control over how a formula’s ingredients penetrate the skin, including the timing, depth and concentration.

Using the SYNERCELL® system, this innovative treatment can correctly deliver nutrients to the dermis with laser-like precision. It’s this exact reason why celebrities like Eva Longoria use the EMK Supra face cream, an innovative treatment that uses SYNERCELL® to help regenerate and youthify her skin.

To understand this process better, let’s review the star ingredients and how they work to even out your skin tone without lasers.


Although sativa-based skin products are trending, EMK has been using it in formulas for decades. In a study published in the Clinical Cosmetic Investigative Dermatology, researchers linked sativa to the reduction of melanin (a hormone that creates pigment) in the skin. Like a mild version of LED light therapy, Sativa works in unison with vitamin C and other antioxidants to brighten, plump and soften the skin.

The MOISTURETRIP™ moisturizer by GlamGlow is known for branding itself as a sativa-concentrated product. Just one problem: this company was founded in 2010 and is relatively new, so it wouldn’t yet have collected enough data and research on perfecting their formula. 

How to Even Your Skin Tone Without Lasers

That’s why many brands come and go—they buy off-the-shelf formulas from a lab and add whatever ingredient is popular. 


To escape this marketing scheme, the SYNERCELL® system was invented to make sure each individual ingredient lives up to its claim. For decades, the EMK chemists have been testing ingredients and experimenting with thousands of different combinations, ensuring that the sativa and other healing extracts are used in the correct amount and will reach the correct layer of skin.

Without this “delivery map” for ingredients to work their best, the Supra Face cream wouldn’t have become a celebrity favorite.

Vitamin C

Almost every face cream on the planet has vitamin C. It contains antioxidants that fade dark spots, boost radiance and fight free radical damage, while its growth factors help tighten and soften the skin, explains leading LA dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer. For this reason, vitamin C is one of the most powerful ways to illuminate and smooth the skin without lasers.

As he explains, “growth factors and stem cells work at the cellular level to help regenerate the DNA of your epidermis.” The Vitamin C+ Collagen Deep Cream by Dr. Dennis Gross is dense with growth factors. Its formula includes cucumber, citric acid and aloe—plus a hoard of other intense actives. While this combo sounds promising, using too many actives in one product can cause over-exfoliation and mildly burn the skin. That’s where many skin creams go wrong. As Sephora reviewer MidlifeCrisis77 says, “Within 15 minutes, my face and neck were covered in red blotches. The reaction continued and I had small fluid-filled dots for about 48 hours.”

Vitamin C + SYNERCELL®

The goal to even out your skin tone without causing damage is the goal of the SYNERCELL® system. It allows the vitamin C-rich ingredients in the EMK Supra Cream, such as myrtle berry, apple extract and apricot seed oil, to safely enter the deep dermal layer where they can cultivate stronger stem cells (undeveloped skin tissue). Over time, with continued use, these stem cells will grow into supple skin with less-visible blemishes.


It’s EMK’s biggest breakthrough—a protein from the Agave plant called bioplacenta®. Biologically, it’s exactly identical to the human placenta. This similarity is miraculous because of its incredible anti-aging benefits. Just like how the human placenta nourishes the fetal cells, bioplacenta® (the vegan version) will nourish stem cells in the skin, making them brighter, healthier and more luminous.

By encouraging faster cellular turnover, bioplacenta® can slowly start resembling the effects of laser resurfacing such as a light fraxel treatment. However, it won’t rival the fully ablative lasers like radiofrequency or CO2, which use intense heat energy for drastic results in a short period of time. At least by using a gentler approach to even your skin tone without lasers, you don’t run the risk of melting your facial fat. “

EMK Supra Face Cream

“Some lasers if not used properly may cause fat atrophy. It really depends upon which one that is used”, explains NY-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Wallach on Real Self.

Plant-based skin resurfacing

Plant-based skin resurfacing

To meet the demand for skin resurfacing without lasers, bioplacenta® and placental products in general have become a game-changer in the beauty industry. In 2016, LOREAL created a similar ingredient called ProXylane®, a sugar-molecule derived from the beech wood tree.

Yet, no matter how compelling a new ingredient sounds, it needs a delivery system, like SYNERCELL®, to ensure the nutrients are properly absorbed in the skin. For this reason, we can’t verify the effectiveness of technologies like ProXylane®.

Any luxury ingredient can only work in theory under certain lab conditions—but not necessarily in a cream. So if you’re in need of a complexion overhaul, don’t be impulsive about choosing a treatment. Since trying to even out your skin tone without lasers is challenging (and possibly dangerous), you’ll need to do your research. Safety first, right?

About The Author: Rachel Esco is an educator and consultant in advanced cosmetics who empowers consumers to make informed choices about skin care. With a profound interest in beauty and biochemistry, her articles explore the latest breakthroughs in epigenetics and anti-aging technologies. Rachel is also a passionate advocate for the Beauty Conscious Movement, promoting the use of environmentally safe materials to create a zero waste culture.

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