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Beverly Hills Face Without the botox

The idea that the “Beverly Hills face” relies on expensive treatments is a myth.  

How to Get the Beverly Hills Face Without the Botox

In the forever-young city of Beverly Hills, Botox is more common than avocado toast — almost. Loved for its paralyzing effects which iron out wrinkles like magic, Botox is the go-to solution for smoother, tighter skin. Just one problem though: not everyone is willing to inject toxins into their face or forfeit their facial expressions. So what’s a poor wrinkle phobe to do? What are some good natural alternatives to Botox?

The Housewives of Beverly Hills might roll their eyes at these so-called “Botox alternatives”, but there are natural treatments that actually work. If you’re willing to sacrifice the allure of immediate results, your patience and commitment will reward you. Here are top 6 natural Botox alternatives to give you that expensive-looking glow.


Retinol is the queen B of anti-aging ingredients. That's because of all the products out there which help resurface the skin, retinol is clinically proven to deliver noticeable results.

Better than a generic exfoliator, it works by penetrating the dermis layer to accelerate the life cycle of your skin cells. By triggering a faster cellular turnover, it removes the dull, uppermost layers of the skin to reveal a polished, radiant sheen. Plus, it helps build collagen; according to Harvard Health, “Retinoids reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. They also stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin color.” Not only will these effects give you smoother skin, but your complexion will look perkier too.

During your retinoid treatment, always apply the product at night. Since it’s a strong active ingredient, your skin will be extra sensitive to sunlight, putting you at risk of irritation, redness and inflammation. To safely use this Botox alternative, make sure to never apply it during the day.

Fish Oil

Treat your body to fish oil over Botox — you’ll see a difference. Whereas injecting Botox will freeze your face to flatten out wrinkles (along with facial movement), ingesting fish oil will provide a plumping effect that looks fresh and natural.

As Mar Drug Journal reveals, “Fish oil is abundant in fats and fatty acids, which can contain vitamin A, vitamin D, cholesterol, monoglycerides, diglycerides” — the list of nutrients is long. The research report also confirms that “The fatty acids in fish oil can improve skin barrier function, inhibit UV-induced inflammation and hyperpigmentation, and accelerate skin wound healing.” Due to the hydrating benefits of omega 3 in fish oil, it helps activate your sebaceous glands to release more sebum, a waxy substance that lubricates your skin. It acts as a protective coating against foreign invaders that cause wrinkles.

Eating salmon is one of the most effective ways to enjoy this Botox alternative. Even Hollywood’s elite loves it. Based on the guidance of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow eat salmon every day.


When a remedy has been around for ages, it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Acupuncture is another Botox alternative that doesn’t get enough attention. Although it’s invasive like Botox, the procedure is safe because you’re not injecting toxins into your bloodstream.

Acupuncture can improve facial elasticity and mimetic muscle tone by inserting needles into the muscles of the head. To confirm this theory, a team of dermatologists closely examined the effects of facial cosmetic acupuncture (FCA) among 27 women between the ages of 50 and 59. Each participant received five treatment sessions over three weeks, while the researchers used typography mapping to locate improvements. The results of the study suggested that FCA does improve facial elasticity in women. However, since the scale of the study was small, this area does require more clinical trials to confirm whether it works.

Spa Treatments

In truth, the best Botox alternatives are proper skin care and SPF.


You should be using SPF every day and re-apply every two hours.

PRP (Vampire Facial)

Made famous by Kim Kardashian’s famous vampire selfie, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a Beverly Hills favorite. And yes, unfortunately, PRP does involve injections but unlike Botox, the substance is your own blood. Yup, that’s right.

PRP uses a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing process of injured tissues. Why platelets? As the Health Encyclopedia explains, “Platelets are tiny blood cells that help your body form clots to stop bleeding.” They are injected into the patient’s face to trigger the skin’s natural regenerative processes, which accelerates healing and builds collagen.

Botox, on the other hand, works in the opposite way. Instead of rejuvenating the skin, Botox paralyzes the facial muscles, and although it looks statue-smooth, the effects can slow down collagen. Recently, scientists have been exploring atrophy caused by Botox. When facial muscles are inactive for long periods, they can shrink and cause thinner-looking skin.

At least with PRP therapy, you're building density in the skin, not degrading it. Even though this treatment is more expensive and takes longer to see results, these minor cons win over the major cons of Botox.


As one of the few treatments that doesn’t require needles or lasers, bioplacenta is relatively new on the scene.

Bioplacenta is a protein from the Agave plant that mimics the effects of Botox as much as a non-invasive treatment can allow. Celebrities love this breakthrough ingredient because it’s a replica of the human placenta protein. But the only difference is that it’s 100% plant-based.

Just like the human placenta, which is loaded with nutrients that nourish living cells, bioplacenta offers these same regenerative benefits. It contains skin-firming vitamins, minerals and acids, along with high levels of vitamin C to leave skin supple and glowing. Dermatologists often refer to bioplacenta-based products as the vegan-friendly version of Dr. Lancer’s famous treatment in Beverly Hills: the sheep placenta facial. Yet unlike this dubious process, bioplacenta skin care is more affordable and cruelty-free.

Victoria Beckham, a client of Dr. Lancer’s, includes bioplacenta skin care in her routine. As Life and Style Weekly reveals, “Victoria Beckham keeps her face baby-smooth with EMK's plant based placental extract [the Rescue Serum] which hydrates and protects skin while diminishing visible lines.” It works to tighten the gaps between the skin cells, bringing them closer together to soften wrinkles and fine lines.

Daily SPF

Why bother with “preventative Botox” when you can practice real prevention: Sun Protection Factor (SPF). By blocking UV rays from penetrating your skin, you’re taking the most proactive step in delaying signs of skin aging

Besides, contrary to what you may have heard, preventative Botox is a hoax. Because regardless of when you start Botox injections, your skin still loses collagen and elasticity as you age. No matter how tight your skin may appear, you can still suffer the effects of flat, dull and thin skin. Alternatively, by focusing on SPF instead, you’re guaranteed to deflect wrinkle-causing UV light and free radicals without having to interfere with your natural skin composition.

When Dr. Lancer consults his celebrity patients, he treats SPF as law. Basically, if the pursuit of youth was a religion, SPF would be the holy grail. Based on his research, it's not just sunlight that damages the skin, it’s light all together: room light, laptop light, fluorescent light and window glass transmitted light. “Wherever there's light and you can see where you are going, the skin needs sunscreen. It's not a beach thing, it's a light exposure thing, not just sunlight exposure,” Dr. Lancer explains.

You should be using SPF every day and re-apply every two hours. If you think that sounds extreme, you can consider this perspective: It’s a small burden compared to the lifetime of pricey treatments you’d need if you didn’t follow this basic routine.

The idea that the “Beverly Hills face” relies on expensive treatments is a myth. In truth, the best Botox alternatives are proper skin care and SPF. And the best part is that you’ll be free to make all the facial expressions you desire. #freetofrown

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