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2002 - 2004 Launch of a Full Line

         By 2002, EMK’s demand was growing in professional channels; and many prominent California estheticians had shared with Emilia Karsh their difficulties finding a product that could solve skin issues with hands. Their clients were facing loss of firmness, skin thinning, discoloration and pigmentation. These problems only grew worse as people aged and available products on the markets were not providing an effective solution.

        Having tested the plant placental protein on patients hands for several years already, professor Karsh was well prepared for developing the right formulation. She created a blend of Bioplacenta proteins with a high concentration of essential oils and natural plant extracts. The EMK Hand Treatment was born. Not only did it solve concerns raised by estheticians but the formula’s natural scent and silky smooth finish was an absolute pleasure to wear all day. The blend of natural extracts create a subtle natural fragrance of ginger and lemongrass with notes of lemon, liquorice and clove. A divine mix for the senses!

The Anti-Aging Hand Treatment the year of its launch

“We are seeing huge improvements on our patients for hand problems such as wrinkles, skin thinning and discoloration” reported Dr. Arman Carrow from the Aventura Longevity Institute.

     Its special blend of chamomile, mulberries and wheat germs have a powerful brightening effect, while its blend of seabuckthorn oil, avocado and Shea butter helps nourish and plump the skin. The EMK Hand Treatment quickly became a hit in the spa community and was featured in the prestigious publications: “ Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa” in 2003. The same year the EMK cleanser and the EMK Eye Gel were also featured in the health publication “Time for Me”. 

2003 Launch of the Radical Eye Cream

        The eyes are a primary indicator of vitality and health, and the delicate orbital eye area demonstrates some of the very first signs of aging. Expression lines, crow’s feet, deep wrinkles, and loss of firmness reveal the passage of time way before it’s time. Compounding these aging effects are the body’s ability to curb inflammation and achieve optimal circulation - the causes of those intractable under eye bags and dark circles. Hydrating anti-aging eye creams focus primarily on wrinkles. Firming eye treatments focus on puffiness and dark circles. In 2003, EMK launched a plant placenta based singular eye cream that does it all: combats age signs, hydrates, and helps treat darkness and under eye bags in one sweep.
        The effectiveness of this cream was achieved through a proprietary blend of the most advanced anti-aging peptides formulated specifically for the eye area. The peptides performance is boosted with the EMK plant placenta proteins. Derived from the Agave placenta, these proteins improve oxygenation and cellular regeneration because of the natural affinity to skin.  

the original Radical Eye Cream

         As the company’s resources expanded, Professor Karsh was able to complete the necessary research for formulating additional products. With the ultimate vision of creating an entire line of products that could work on every skin type, the next products that were released were a mask, a firming toner and a gentle cleanser. These products along with the face cream and the anti-aging serum represented the basis of the EMK facial protocol. In the subsequent year, EMK kept on building onto this foundation, improving existing formulas and adding new products to the line.

2004 Launch of the Bioplacenta Eye Gel

        In 2004, Professor Emilia Karsh completed the formulation of a new plant placenta serum that was specifically designed to be infused in cotton pads. This was a a game changer for rejuvenating the eye area. The new plant placenta EMK Eye Patches generated a lot of interest in the esthetician community and were featured in “Day Spa” magazine.

the original Bioplacenta Eye Gel

        That year the plant placenta Eye Gel also made its way to more mainstream publications with its first appearance in People Magazine. 

         During this period the press became more active and numerous articles popped up in mainstream media revealing celebrities' interest in EMK's unique formulations.

Eva Longoria’s manager revealed to the press that Eva at age 32 was keeping her health regimen very simple: daily exercise, extra egg white added to her omelette and the EMK plant placenta face cream as part of her daily akin care routine.

Simon Cowell also fell in love with the EMK Texal Mask, a special plant placenta infused cotton mask.

Next Part of the Series: 2005 - 2012 The Dermatologists Network

Madeline Vanderelst  

Madeline Vanderelst is a student at Polytechnic University where she studies Business Management. She is an EMK enthusiast and has gathered several years of data on EMK to write a concise story of the brand.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this series are the author's only. The data used in this series is the results of the author's own research. EMK hasn't reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of her statements.

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