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2014 The Synercell® Breakthrough

        Unlike other skin care companies, EMK’s philosophy is to invest most of its resources on R&D and high-grade sustainable ingredients. This approach allows us to improve formulations year after year as new technologies are invented in the lab. All EMK products benefit from this approach.

       Because active ingredients need to be delivered to the right skin layer, in the right timing and in the right concentration, EMK has focused its research on delivery system technologies since the 1990s. This culminated in the invention of the proprietary Synercell delivery system in July 2014. This technology has thereafter been incorporated in several other EMK formulas. 

Fabian de Mortier at EMK Beverly Hills laboratory

2014 Launch of the Rescue Serum™

        The anti-aging serum - being EMK’s hero product - has benefited from the highest investment in R&D among all EMK products. Its formula has been upgraded every single year since its initial release in 1992. As at the origin, its core formula is still based on a high concentration of Bioplacenta, but over the years, new plant extracts and technologies were progressively added.  

In September 2014, an upgraded version of the original anti-aging face serum formula as well as a new packaging were launched under the name of “Rescue Serum’.

        EMK’s unique dermatologists’ network data feedback program allows us to professionally analyze skin data from large numbers of patients year after year. It allows researchers to understand in depth how a simple plant extract addition can affect the synergy of all ingredients in the formula. The company’s product development model is totally unique in the skincare industry and allows us to engineer some of the most sophisticated formulas in the world. It is a work in progress and it is never ending. 

        The new Rescue Serum™ had a tremendous success and was featured the same years across the beauty and fashion mainstream press. 

2015 Launch of the 4D Lifting Machine

Designed exclusively for professionals and incorporating several patented technologies, the 4D Lifting Machine is part of a new generation of  devices  for spas and skin clinics.

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Madeline Vanderelst  

Madeline Vanderelst is a student at Polytechnic University where she studies Business Management. She is an EMK enthusiast and has gathered several years of data on EMK to write a concise story of the brand.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this series are the author's only. The data used in this series is the results of the author's own research. EMK hasn't reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of her statements.

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