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Skincare Tips to Follow in
Summer 2020

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

With summer here, we can enjoy many seasonal perks but also some beauty baggage — two words: sun and sweat. As we all know, the rising temperatures can send a curveball to our complexions. Whether you’ve got sensitive skin or an oily T-zone, these climate changes mean that our skincare routine must change too. As the humidity is higher and the sun is stronger, we need to be extra cautious and responsible about pampering our skin. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered.

We gathered some hot insights from the two leading celebrity dermatologists, Dr. Jason Emer and Dr. Harold Lancer on the top skincare tips to follow in summer 2020.

Eye patches are out — eye gel is in!   

Eye patches were the queen bee of skin care in 2019. If you scrolled through almost any celebrity’s Instagram page, you’d find a makeup-free selfie with this infamous eye patch.

Dethrone the eye patch

Beam Eye Gel

While this trend had its time in the beauty spotlight, eye patches are no longer a “thing”. Sure, they offered a unique application method and an excuse to take selfies, but otherwise, the patch method wasn’t superior to standard eye bag creams.

So just remember them fondly as a fad.

Instead, as Dr. Lancer suggests, “you can find skincare products concentrated and specifically formulated to deliver anti-aging ingredients to this delicate area [the eyes].” He recommends using formulas that contain sheer light diffusers, caffeine-based agents and anti-aging peptides to help the skin look firmer. The Beam Eye Gel by EMK is made with caffeine from Green Tea as well as Bio Peptides to help tighten and brighten dark eye circles.

No matter what, using a botanical-rich eye bag cream or gel will always be on trend.

Brighten your skin with vitamin C

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Throughout the summer, our face is exposed to sunlight. And even if you consume SPF like Tic Tacs, your skin may still be vulnerable to sun at certain points in the day. The solution? Vitamin C picks up the slack.

Vitamin C-rich skin care   

According to Dr. Emer, “In the morning, I recommend a vitamin C containing product to help decrease skin pigmentation and supply extra sun-protection factor.” Sometimes we forget to re-apply SPF, and going on a quick power walk can expose us to UV rays, especially if our earlier application of SPF has faded in potency.

That’s where Vitamin C comes in. It contains antioxidants and skin-brightening acids that help reduce dark spots, while helping your complexion glow.

Seabuckthorn-based skin care

EMK Rescue Serum

Here’s another way to boost your summer glow with vitamin C: Sea Buckthorn. It's growing in popularity as the must-have ingredient for keeping your complexion radiant all season long. According to the Journal of Food Science, “Sea Buckthorn has ten times more vitamin C than lemon”. It works beautifully in skin discoloration serums due to its ability to tighten skin, fade dark spots and improve skin brightness and tone.

For your daily dose of Sea Buckthorn, Dr. Emer prefers the Rescue Serum by EMK. It’s formulated with high levels of Sea Buckthorn as well as Sea Kelp, Bio Placenta and Marigold. You can apply this anti-aging serum before your eye bag cream and moisturizer.

Soothe your skin with natural botanicals

After spending time outdoors in the heat, our skin craves to be pampered and hydrated. Yet, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution as every complexion has its own needs.

Summer skin problems


The needs of our skin change seasonally. And the summer can bring on some unique challenges depending on our skin type.

If you’ve got oily-combination skin, your skin can get oily with enlarged pores, whereas those with dry skin are more likely to experience redness and flaking after being in the sun. They say Aloe Vera will help soothe your face and normalize your complexion, but the natural acids in Aloe can be too harsh on sensitive skin. Instead, “use hydrating ingredients like silver vine extract, licorice extract, and red algae extract. These active agents help protect your skin while promoting a more balanced and even-looking complexion for radiant-looking skin,” says Dr. Lancer.

He recommends the Hydrate & Relax Set by EMK to keep skin refreshed and supple. The set includes The Aurora Cleanser™  to gently cleanse your skin without stripping-off natural skin sebum and the Supra Face Cream™ to deeply moisturize the skin with Bioplacenta and other plant actives.

Protect your makeup-free look

Makeup Free Look

Having the confidence to go makeup-free in summer is easy when you’re acne-free. For anyone who’s prone to oily skin or pimples, you know summertime is the heyday of breakout season.

Sweat and acne problems


On hot days, our face is not only exposed to germs and impurities from the environment, it’s also mixed together in a nasty cocktail of sweat. When there’s higher levels of oil, bacteria will proliferate more. The only way to combat this problem is to keep your sebum levels in check, while maintaining a clean and consistent acne-control program.

For inspiration, take your cues from Victoria Beckham who’s been winning the struggle against acne. As one of Dr. Lancer’s high-profile patients, she had started consultations with the L.A.-based doctor to help clear her skin. “Victoria alternates between more targeted treatments containing Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and Retinol, each of which address specific concerns such as wrinkles, firmness and hyperpigmentation,” says Dr. Lancer.

He suggests the Clear Skin Set by EMK to banish blemishes and keep skin radiant — even in summer.

Wear SPF — always!


UV light is strongest in summer. Yet, even on a cloudy day, 70% of UV light can still peer out from the clouds, causing sun-related skin damage. For this reason, you need to be extra skin-savvy when it comes to applying SPF regularly.

SPF for summer and year round

SPF for summer and year round

SPF protects your skin from free radicals produced by UV light. “Free radicals are unstable atoms that can cause damage to cells”, reveals Medical News Daily. Since UV rays are soaked with free radicals, wearing SPF is the key to shielding your skin from the aging effects of sunlight.

The UV rays basically rob vitamins from your healthy cells. Think of it as beauty theft. Then over time, this process leads to collagen breakdown and wrinkles. So, after years of getting too much sun and dare we say it, tanning (oh no!), your face will show signs of premature aging: sun spots, wrinkles and skin laxity.

To protect your face from UV damage, Dr. Emer likes the Guard Sunscreen. This moisturizer hydrates the skin with natural plant extracts and contains SPF 30 — the minimum amount that Dr. Emer recommends. You can apply it over your anti-aging serum and eye bag cream.

Enjoying summer to the fullest doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your skin quality. Simply follow these trending skincare tips for 2020 to keep your complexion in check.

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