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2005 - 2012 The Dermatologist Network

         Following the introduction of EMK treatments to a few select reputable dermatologists, the word about this new amazing plant placenta treatment spread like wildfire across the physician community. Many prominent doctors requested to carry EMK. Their patients were blown away by the results and doctors eventually fell in love with the luxurious treatments. The versatile nature of the EMK plant placenta serum made it an essential in any doctor’s practice.

Dr. Bruce Sanderson from Little Rock Arkansas was one of the early adopters of the EMK plant placenta treatments.

        Dermatologists love the healing powers behind the EMK treatments. Many recommended the EMK face serum as part of their patients’ recovery treatments after performing irritating or invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy or chemical peels. The EMK face serum offered a powerful natural alternative to help during the skin's healing process.

        EMK, having no comparable match in the market in terms of anti-aging efficacy from natural cosmeceutical ingredients, rapidly attracted the attention of prominent skin professionals. This is the case for Dr Harold Lancer who founded one of the most prestigious dermatology practice in the United States. Located at 440, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the clinic has gained the trust of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Oprah Winfrey just to name a few.  

Credit photo Madeline Davis, edited under the Creative Commons license available here

        Louise Deschamps, the lead esthetician at Lancer Dermatology, has been using EMK’s plant placenta as part of her treatments for years. For many savvy estheticians, EMK is not only a treatment that offers superior anti-aging performance, but is also a line of products that is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive ones. The formulas ‘sink’ deep into the skin and leave the skin revitalized and totally glowing.  

        Plastic surgeons also recommended EMK treatments post-procedures for helping the recovery process. It has been used on patients as part of scar healing treatments after facial plastic surgery procedures. Heart surgery patients have also experienced ultra-fast scar healing and in some cases scars have practically disappeared. 

Lancer Dermatology at 440, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
is the most sought after skin sanctuary
where celebrities have been enjoying the EMK plant placenta facials for years.

        Estheticians found in it a powerful rebalancing and revitalizing treatment that could help patients with skin imbalances such as excessive sebum production, dry skin, rashes, irritation, pigmentation, acne, etc. The plant placenta combined with the synergy of all plant extracts helped rebalanced skin with problems, and in many cases worked for most skin types, including the most sensitive ones. Mixing the EMK face serum with other skin care products also helped increase penetration of actives to deeper layers of the skin, facilitating the treatments. 

the skin authority “InWithSkin” awarded ‘Best Anti-Aging Serum’ to the EMK plant placenta serum.

         Celebrities quickly became obsessed with the EMK treatment. While they could get sophisticated EMK facials in luxurious Beverly Hills spas, they would also continue getting the benefits of the plant placenta treatments by following a simple skin care routine at home. 

        In 2005, actress and model Denise Richard was seen on TV explaining her favorite EMK plant placenta facial at Lancer Dermatology. Soon after, it was actress Eva Longoria’s manager who was telling the press that Eva only used EMK.

        The same year “Beauty Undercover” reported that Madonna was also using the EMK serum.

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Madeline Vanderelst  

Madeline Vanderelst is a student at Polytechnic University where she studies Business Management. She is an EMK enthusiast and has gathered several years of data on EMK to write a concise story of the brand.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this series are the author's only. The data used in this series is the results of the author's own research. EMK hasn't reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of her statements.

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