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1975 - 1992 The Invention of Bioplacenta

        Although applying pure placenta on damaged skin provided outstanding results, it seemed all along to make no sense to use human placenta in skin care products. Being passionate about naturally sourced and all plant-based skincare, Emilia Karsh decided to take a whole new direction in her research efforts: how to find a plant-based alternative for the human placental protein? This question was by no means simple to solve and professor Karsh ended up spending most of the following decade researching this matter.
        Starting from 1975 and into the mid-1980s, she researched thousands of plant extracts and molecules and eventually found two plant proteins that were bio-identical to the human placenta protein. One was found in Mimosa Tenuiflora and the other one was found in Agave Americana.  

Agave Americana

        The next challenge was to devise a process for extracting the protein without damaging it and preserving its healthy benefits. After 2 more years of research and trial in the lab, professor Karsh defined a hydrolyze process for extracting the plant protein. Bioplacenta was invented! 

1992 Launch of the Anti-Aging Face Serum

        In subsequent years, Emilia Karsh methodically created hundreds of experimental formulations based on Bioplacenta. At the same time, she collaborated with a network of California dermatologists who meticulously collected and analyzed the formulations effects on patients’ skins; and provided the necessary feedback to improve the formulations.

        In 1992, a serum formulation incorporating a high dosage of plant placenta was launched. This was the first Bioplacenta product available in the market and it was made available to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians based in Los Angeles. A few years later the EMK Anti-Aging Face Serum was available at many reputable skin clinics and high-end spas across the United States. 

The original EMK Anti-Aging Serum 

2001 Launch of the Supra Face Cream

        Following the Anti-Aging Face Serum’s success in professional channels, EMK’s team grew larger. More biochemists were added to the team and the research and development pace increased, resulting in the discovery of several new plant based technologies. In 2001, EMK launched the Supra Face Cream as a high performance night treatment loaded with plant placenta proteins. 

        From EMK’s very beginning, celebrities started to take notice. Actor Paul Ryan went on TV in 2001 touting his love for the Supra Face Cream and the unparalleled results of plant placenta.  

actor Paul Ryan

Next part of the series: 2002 - 2004 Launch of a Full Line

Madeline Vanderelst  

Madeline Vanderelst is a student at Polytechnic University where she studies Business Management. She is an EMK enthusiast and has gathered several years of data on EMK to write a concise story of the brand.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this series are the author's only. The data used in this series is the results of the author's own research. EMK hasn't reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of her statements.

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