Why Celebrities Love the Original Rescue Serum

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Why Celebrities Love the Original Rescue Serum

When your beauty budget is boundless, you’re usually either a celebrity or a mega influencer. And with that privilege comes access to the most coveted anti-aging treatments on the planet. But in recent decades, we’ve learned that no matter how many so-called “cosmetic breakthroughs” emerge from the clinics of Rodeo Drive, not all treatments get the star-studded stamp of approval. So, from a sea of endless options, why do celebrities stay loyal to the original EMK Rescue Serum? Let’s find out.

The Rescue Serum: A Hollywood History

It all started with a mission: to help heal a friend’s major facial burns. Dr. Emilia Karsh, a cosmetic researcher in Beverly Hills, dedicated her research to finding the most powerful solution for reversing signs of skin damage. Starting in the 1970’s, long before the invention of the EMK Rescue Serum, Dr. Karsh teamed up with a space-research lab.

The aerospace industry was looking for the best way to treat deep skin burns—a fate faced by many astronauts injured in training accidents. The dermatologists eventually found a treatment: human placenta. During pregnancy, placenta proteins nourish the fetus, so by this logic, it was discovered that these placental compounds had similar effects on skin healing.

Dr. Karsh used this science to treat Ludmila Ilich—a  supermodel at the time. After applying pure placental protein to her burns, within 30 days, her skin showed a dramatic improvement in cell regeneration. Inspired by this breakthrough, Dr. Karsh developed a skin treatment that would forever change the skincare landscape: Bioplacenta®.

What’s Bioplacenta®?

Why the vegan route? Well, realistically speaking, aside from the radical effectiveness of human placenta on skin health, you could imagine the problems it entails, not only ethically but financially too. After all, if you ever heard the rumors about celebrities like Adriana Lima using human placenta for her ageless look, you can reason that it's only affordable among the rich and famous. And for some, it just seems, well, yuck.

Why Celebrities Love the Original Rescue Serum

Bioplacenta® is a protein from the Agave plant that’s bio-identical to the human placenta protein—except it’s 100% plant-based.

Bioplacenta® vs human placenta

That’s why the amazing thing about bioplacenta® is that it mimics the miracles of human placental protein. It hydrates, soothes, softens, nourishes and carries skin-revitalizing actives to the deepest layer of the dermis. As the main ingredient in the EMK Rescue Serum, bioplacenta® has a remarkable ability to synergize with other antioxidants, which supercharges the growth of stronger, younger-behaving skin cells.

Dr. Bruce Sanderson, a leader in  the anti-aging industry, is one of the many specialists in cosmetic medicine who treats his patients with the EMK Rescue Serum. As he reports, “To my continued amazement, the effects on all types of skin as an anti-aging agent is phenomenal. I have several male patients with severe sun damage on their balding scalps that have near resolution of their lesions,” he says.

Celebs who love the EMK Rescue Serum

When treatments are backed more by hype than science, you get a fad—not a formula. Celebs always know better; they know that fads are when a popular skincare brand releases a sparkly-new product with some trendy ingredient like avocado oil or some low-end, generic version of vitamin C.

That’s why the most prestigious cosmetic clinics in Beverly Hills and their celebrity clients swear by long-standing, science-backed skincare solutions, like the EMK Rescue Serum.

From top clinics to A-listers

The Dr. Lancer Dermatology clinic is just one of the many homes to the original Rescue Serum. As one of the most iconic spots on Rodeo Drive, it’s garnered the trust of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Oprah Winfrey.

After years of successful treatments, Louise Deschamps, head esthetician at the clinic, wrote to Dr. Emilia Karsh, thanking her for getting introduced to the EMK placenta products. As she reports, “The integration of your products in our treatments and homecare has taken our in-office treatments and patients' regimen to a whole new dimension.”

Victoria Beckham is another one of Dechamp’s high-profile clients. Following suit, Julianne Hough’s makeup artist, Spencer Barnes, started using it as a pre red carpet treatment. As he tells US Magazine Exclusive, “I prepped her face with EMK Rescue Serum, which I am completely obsessed with.”

Victoria Beckham

As Life and Style Weekly reveals, “Victoria Beckham keeps her face baby-smooth with EMK's plant based placental extract which hydrates and protects skin while diminishing visible lines.”

The invention of synercell

This need for scientific accuracy is the key behind SYNERCELL®

The Invention of SYNERCELL®

According to dermatologists, even if you’re using the best anti-aging breakthrough in the world, it’s useless without the right formulation. For a treatment to work, it needs a precise delivery system, whereby the active ingredients can penetrate the correct layers of the skin—along with the correct timing and dosage. This need for scientific accuracy is the key behind SYNERCELL®—the technology behind the original Rescue Serum.

Here’s the basics of how it works: when chemists formulate a skincare product, there are four variables which must be mastered to perfection: 1) The right ingredient, 2) The right location, 3) The right concentration and 4) The right timing sequence. The more closely these factors are met in the correct sequence, the better the active ingredients can boost collagen production and cell regeneration.

With over three decades of research and tweaking, EMK scientists created the ideal delivery system, a process which they coined SYNERCELL®. The result? A one-of-a-kind formulation, backed by the science of bioplacenta®—but exponentially more effective because it’s formulated with perfect harmony.

So what’s the takeaway here? Unlike what the media may suggest, the glittery realm of high-society skin care is not an unreachable luxury. When we get down to the nitty-gritty facts, the reason for the Rescue Serum’s success among celebrities comes down to a simple truth: science speaks louder than fads. Always.

About The Author: Rachel Esco is an educator and consultant in advanced cosmetics who empowers consumers to make informed choices about skin care. With a profound interest in beauty and biochemistry, her articles explore the latest breakthroughs in epigenetics and anti-aging technologies. Rachel is also a passionate advocate for the Beauty Conscious Movement, promoting the use of environmentally safe materials to create a zero waste culture.

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