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Dermatologists First Choice 


Since 1992

A Concentrate of Life.

Green Tea Crepe Cake

Rescue Serum™ was originally designed in response to the need of top dermatologists. They were looking for a well rounded anti-aging product with a few specific criteria:

• natural and plant based
• very powerful
• works on all skin types
• calms down irritations
• re-balances skin with problems
• boosts cellular turnover
• improves skin over time 

Rescue Serum™ was first released in 1992 with the aim of addressing top dermatologists concerns. The formula has continuously been improved over the last 45 years and now incorporates proprietary technologies such as Bioplacenta®, Organipack® and Synercell®. It is a fave of top physicians and A-list celebrities worldwide.

Rescue Serum is an investment in your skin.

Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™

our #1 best seller

Rescue Serum™


#1 investment for your skin. Clean beauty face serum loved by celebrities and dermatologists. Non animal cruelty, 100% plant based. The anti-aging Rescue Serum revitalizes skin with powerful natural ingredients. Discover how this unique product was created. 1 fl oz / 30 ml


Key Facts and Benefits

  • Made with love
  • No Animal Testing
  • Clean Beauty friendly 
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Actives 100% plant sourced
  • Anti-aging essential
  • Dermatology tested
  • Loaded with Vitamin A, B, C and E
  • High in Superoxide Dismutase
  • Source of Glycosaminoglycan
  • Non-Greasy
  • Ultra-fast penetration rate 
  • Can be mixed with other products
  • Excellent base for any routine
  • Ideal for ongoing skin maintenance

Created for Professionals

Loved by Celebrities


Discover our key ingredient Bioplacenta® sourced from desert warrior Agave Americana


30-day clinical trial

A 30-day clinical study of formulas containing Bioplacenta® shows extreme skin improvement. The study was performed at the dermatology department of Clinics of Europe - St-Elisabeth in Belgium and demonstrates outstanding skin improvement during a test on a panel of 25 participants, aged from 25 to 72 years old.

Each participant applied the EMK recommended protocol morning and night for 30 days. At the end of the trial period, each participant’s skin was examined and the following results were compiled by dermatologists.

To validate the external, visible benefits of the internal anti-aging processes that occurred from the use of EMK formulas that contains Bioplacenta®, the conductors of this study presented ‘Before/ After’ photos of all participants to a panel of objective evaluators. On average, the evaluators noted that the test subjects appeared 3 years younger from this short test period.


from Agave Americana



+ 71% skin cells oxygen consumption
+ 40% skin cells protein synthesis 

Bioplacenta®, an EMK proprietary technology, is a plant placenta protein isolated from the Agave. In a study out of Croix-Rousse Hospital in Lyon, France, researchers found that plant placenta significantly improved dry, flaky, wrinkled skin from illness or aging.  The research demonstrated that skin cells uptake of oxygen increased 70% with the plant placenta. In addition, protein synthesis was increased 40%. With more oxygen, and protein synthesis, skin cells are stimulated to become more active and regenerate like much younger cells. 

This is really concentrated stuff. Just a few drops are enough.

Dr. Jason Emer

How to Use

This light, pampering restoration serum glides smoothly over skin for a sensation of soothing nourishment. Its deep penetration ability prepares skin to benefit more fully from moisturizers.

1. After cleanser, use toner and allow skin to remain moist.
2. Dispense 6-10 drops of serum into palm of hand.
3. Finger dab onto cheeks, chin, forehead, around eyes, on neck, and décolleté.
4. Smooth over skin from inner to outer face, working in horizontal or upward strokes.
5. Smooth upward from décolleté, neck, to chin.
6. Apply extra to blemished areas, bruises, or dry spots.


• For a DIY facial, apply a layer over cleansed skin and follow with Alpha Mask™. Remove after 10 minutes or leave on overnight.
• Serum may generally improve penetration and results when mixed with any other skin nourishing products.

Dermatologist Tips

• This lightweight yet rich serum is an esthetician’s essential for restoring every skin assault on any skin type.
• Rescue Serum™ may generally improve penetration and results when mixed with any other skin nourishing products.
• Apply to any irritated skin areas and healing, closed wounds.
• Serum may be mixed together with Optima or Supra Face Cream™ for those with very sensitive skin. It will improve cream penetration and help prevent irritation.

The results were immediate and amazing! My skin was healthy, glowing and gorgeous.

Sue M, New York, New York


45+ years of continuous improvements


Green Tea Leaves


Research Inspired by Space Lab

Biochemist professor Emilia Karsh collaborated with space research labs for developing a product to treat astronauts burns. Her research was mainly focused on clinical trials on damaged skin.

Green Tea Leaves


Isolation of Plant Placenta Protein

After years of research, professor Karsh  identified a plant protein from Agave that is bio-identical to the human placenta protein.

Green Tea Leaves


Invention of Bioplacenta®

Professor Karsh perfected a hydrolyze method for isolating the plant placenta protein, without damaging it. The Bioplacenta® technology was born!

Green Tea Leaves


The Anti Aging Face Serum

A serum formulation incorporating a high dosage of Bioplacenta® was launched and made available to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians based in Los Angeles.

Green Tea Leaves


The Dermatologists Network

In just a few years, skin professionals took notice and prominent physicians such as Kim Kardashian's dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer and Dr. Bruce Sanderson started endorsing the serum.

Green Tea Leaves


A-listers became obsessed 

A few years after its launch, many A-list celebrities developed an obsession for the magical serum. The press reported that Madonna, Eva Longoria and Denise Richards were fans.

Green Tea Leaves


Invention of Synercell®

EMK has focused its research on ingredient delivery systems since the 90s. This effort culminated in the invention of Synercell®, a system that improves the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Green Tea Leaves


Rescue Serum™ Launch

Since the anti-aging face serum's initial release in 1992, EMK has upgraded the formula year after year. In 2014 the anti-aging face serum was renamed Rescue Serum™ and its packaging was improved.

Green Tea Leaves


EMK takes the World by Storm

The Rescue Serum™  has become an essential product for anyone serious about their skin.  It now counts fans in over 38 countries and growing....

Put Powerhouse EMK Rescue Serum at the top of your beauty arsenal list.

Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™
Rescue Serum™

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