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EMK proudly partners with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, a Monaco-based charity, on a variety of environmental projects.

Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco

Every year since 2015, EMK has sponsored activities of the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco www.fpa2.org. It is one of the world’s leading foundations for the environment with a particular focus on our oceans. EMK is a vocal promoter of the Prince Albert’s Foundation and looks forward to increase its effort for preserving our planet.


We care about ingredients and packaging that make you feel good inside. Raw material for our packaging is sourced with the utmost care for the environment. Plus, our packaging is 100% recycle.


You’ll see this emblem on all EMK cartons. This is a stamp of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It means that the paper we use is 100% guaranteed to be sourced from FSC certified forests or from recycled paper.


EMK’s goal is to produce all its packaging with 100% bioplastics by 2025.

EMK could be the first cosmetics company in the world to achieve this goal. While this is an ambitious target, we are not far from turning our research into reality as we are already producing packaging with over 50% bioplastics and we have many components currently being tested with bioplastics ratios ranging from 50% to 90%.

EMK has partnered with Alan Kelly and Seamus Donnelly, 2 PhD researchers from the Marine and Freshwater Research Center at GMIT in Ireland, to head a research program aimed at increasing the strength of bioplastics while increasing their biodegradability.

The availability of sea kelp and other varieties of seaweed along the Irish coast makes it an ideal terrain for harvesting large quantities of seaweed that can be used for the production of bioplastics. We have conducted several researches and experiments over the past 5 years to manufacture bio-based materials made from sea kelp and brown algae. We are well on our way to develop a new generation of bioplastics that are both more suitable for packaging cosmetics and also more bio-degradable.

Through a complex and patented process, EMK has developed a new process for extracting natural polymers in seaweeds that constitute the raw material for producing biodegradable granules.

We have developed a plastic-like granule entirely made from seaweeds. This type of granule is entirely bio-compostable and biodegrades within 8 weeks in soil; its permeability can be adapted according to the product lifecycle. It also provides non-negligible benefits as a natural fertilizer for agriculture. While these types of granules made with 100% seaweed bioplastics offer a promising solution for replacing all our packaging, we still have a number of challenges to overcome in order to utilize them in all our packaging. The jars, bottles and tubes need to hold the products without risk of leakage for up to 24 months while conserving a high level of biodegradability. This is a challenging balance to achieve.

We have also developed a blend of 50% plastics and 50% algae-based plastics. The process fits in standard industrial processes and represents a 25% energy saving, since the manufacturing temperature is reduced. This next generation of bioplastics is already being tested for the packaging of our Optima Face Cream and our Supra Face Cream.

In its pipeline, EMK is working on other seaweeds such as Sargassum coming from the Caribbean Islands which would be a closer source of seaweeds that could efficiently be transported to our manufacturing sites in California. In parallel, EMK is also strengthening its intellectual property relating to the improvement material specification itself.

What about the cost?

Our bioplastics currently costs 2.5 to 3 times more than conventional, fossil fuel-based plastics, even with the 50% energy gain. Regardless of the cost, EMK is willing to cover entirely the additional cost of sustainable packaging without increasing its products prices, so there will be no impact to the consumer. We believe that accelerating the transition to bioplastics is more important than short term profits. While bioplastics remain prohibitively expensive now, our forecast also shows that we could significantly lower bioplastics production cost at a scale to reach conventional plastics cost within 15 years.

Why is the bio-economy so important?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area the size of Texas entirely covered with plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic needs 400 years to degrade, so it won’t shrink any time soon; in fact, it’s growing as 30 million of tons of plastic waste are released into the oceans every year!

EMK’s new generations of plastics will avoid additional plastic waste and will considerably reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with cosmetics packaging. 

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