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Q: What is Bioplacenta?

A: Bioplacenta is harvested from the Agave Americana. It is bioidentical to human placenta, but derived entirely from plants. Bioplacenta is a nutrient-dense plant complex that nourishes, strengthens, boosts collagen production and cell regeneration. The power of pure, active plant placenta is at the heart of most formulas EMK creates.

Q: Is there a complete list of product ingredients?

A: Each individual product has a complete ingredients list under the ingredients link on the product pages. You can also see all our active natural ingredients with their benefits here.

Q: Is it safe for use during pregnancy?

A: Yes, EMK products are safe to use during pregnancy. We always recommend that if you have any concerns about switching to new products, you should consult your doctor first.

Q: Do your products work on acne?

A: Yes, our products are great for acne. We have the Antidote Acne Drying Lotion which is a spot treatment to help with problem areas. We believe acne prone skin requires a gentle cleaning routine and hydration to the skin barrier. Our Serum and Live mask are excellent additions to your routine.

Q: Should I use this if I have skin issues like eczema, rosacea, dermatitis?

A: EMK brings the remarkable anti-aging healing power of plant placenta to solve skin problems from redness and irritation, to loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation, and deep lines and wrinkles. EMK products can help to alleviate symptoms of eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis. We do recommend consulting a dermatologist with any changes to your skincare regime.  

Q: Can I use the products after a laser procedure or chemical peel?

A: EMK products can greatly aid in post-procedure recovery. Over 50 top California dermatologists are recommending EMK Rescue Serum as a post-traumatic skin treatment.  As always, we recommend you consult with your surgeon and/or dermatologist first about your specific treatment.  

Q: Which moisturizer is best for me?

A: If you have dryer skin, then use Supra. If you have normal to combination skin, then use Optima.

Q: Which order should I use the products?

A: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Sunscreen. A basic routine consists of Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Sunscreen. Depending on your skin issues, you may need to make adjustments. You can start with our Fresh Face Set.

Q: What makes EMK products different?

A: The bio-compatible agave plant cell is at the heart of every product. This ingenious plant healer hydrates, soothes, softens, nourishes and carries skin-revitalizing actives into the deepest layer of the dermis. The agave plant developed this incredible molecule to help it thrive in the harshest environments, and it helps our skin do the same.

Q: Do I need a serum?

A: Short answer – yes. Serum is a vitamin-rich fluid that targets the deeper skin layers, unlike a moisturizer, which is a more mild and superficial treatment. By delivering a concentrated dose of antioxidants to the epidermal cells (the source of collagen creation), it activates the growth of healthier, stronger skin.

Q: What is 24K Gold Peeling Gel & what is it used for?

A: It is a non-chemical peel for all skin types. The 24K Gold Peeling Gel is a gentle exfoliant. It lifts oil, impurities and dead surface skin layers without irritation to enhance the penetration of nourishing vitamins and minerals. Naturally brightening Bearberry plant extract evens skin tone and help diminish visible discolorations. Your complexion becomes instantly softer, more toned looking and exceptionally radiant. It can be used 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin.

Q: Do you use all natural ingredients?

A: Our ingredients are the key. We use high concentrations of plant extracts, many certified organic, with advanced peptide and epigenetic technology.  Our minimally processed formulations allow each plant’s natural healing properties to remain active; and they work in synergy to rebalance and perfect your complexion no matter what your skin type, age or ethnicity.

Q: Do you test on animals?

A: No, we do not.

Q: What is EMK's most popular product?

A: Our Rescue Serum is the most popular, beloved by both doctors and celebrities. The anti-aging Rescue Serum revitalizes skin with powerful natural ingredients. Look beautiful naturally!

Q: Which eye cream is best for me?

A: Beam Eye Gel targets firming and brightening. This light, refreshing gel significantly diminishes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for an awakened, brighter look. Hydrating hyaluronic acid and clinically-proven, firming peptides make lines and wrinkles look smoother and improves skin radiance. Radical Eye Cream focuses on hydrating and repairing. This exceptional treatment intensely hydrates and makes the eyes look smoother and more radiant with diminished expression lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. It significantly reduces the appearance of under eye darkness and puffiness with advanced BIOPLACENTA® and natural peptides.

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