Instant Live Mask™

Nourishes and Revitalizes

Instant Live Mask™

Nourishes and Revitalizes


Ultimate Anti-Aging Mask

Top celebrities love this anti-aging face mask because it makes your skin look dramatically firmer and smoother, leaving the face glowing. The triple-action formula detoxifies and exfoliates dead skin layers for beautifully luminous skin. Agave plant proteins enhance the benefits of rejuvenating peptides while the mask's plumping, hydrating action helps fill the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Just one treatment gives your skin an instant radiance for special occasions, while a routine of treatments combined with your regular skin routine will revive healthy, young-looking skin, taking years off appearance.

2 oz net wt / 56.7 g

Dermatologist tested, Paraben free, Lanolin free.

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    I like to use Instant Live Mask several times a week for its outstanding anti-aging benefits. It seems to iron away lines and wrinkles and give me a firmer, fresher look.

    Linda M, Los Angeles, California