The Basics

Get $60 off Optima Face Cream™


The Basics

Get $60 off Optima Face Cream™

$112.00 $52.00

Buy the Aurora Cleanser™ and get $60 off your Optima Face Cream™.

The Basics set includes the 2 EMK essentials for any male of female skin care routine.

The Aurora Cleanser™ gently cleanses your skin without stripping-off natural skin sebum. Optima Face Cream™ deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin with Bioplacenta and other plant actives.


The Basics set includes Aurora Cleanser™ (6 fl oz) and Optima Face Cream™ (1 oz).

Regular price if purchased separately, $112.

Save $60 on Optima Face Cream Now

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